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I love Everett Street Auto and I just realized I haven't written a review for them. Must rectify. -Impeccable customer service and friendly. You don't need to know someone here to get great service. They are the best of the best for all of their clients. -Great at explaining and answering questions-Awesome magazine selection-Will drop you off and pick you up wherever (I suspect if you HAD to stop for milk or diapers for your kids while they were dropping you off, they'd swing you by the store. They are just that good to their customers)-Great location. Plenty to do nearby if you have a wait: coffee, food, books, a garden if you need to get your zen on. -They know me when I call, yet I haven't had frequent or major repairs-For free they just patched my tire that had a screw in it in just 3 minutes!-For free, they checked out the cause of my engine light coming on and reset some timing thing for me.-My roommate had work done here. Her mechanic dad back in the Midwest approved of their diagnosis and cost.


I went once and I'm going back.I was trying to find an auto repair shop to get my oil changed and check out my squeaky breaks. I had used another Yelp recommendation shop before and had not been overly impressed. My housemate had really good experiences with Everett and so I tried them out. When I made my appointment I mentioned my brakes and they said they would check them out and let me know how much longer I could go on them. I got my oil changed but needed new front brakes and roters. I went for breakfast and sat in the waiting room (which was stocked with a variety of magazines). I really appreciated how they treated the numerous customers that came in, knowing many of them by name. This shop is honest and does good work.


Polite staff, good location, overall I'm satisfied. They take care of your car well. They have some free services like a general inspection (sound diagnosis). I took my Hyundai 2002 to the Hyundai dealership in Milwaukee but they asked me for $100 just to listen to the sound came from the back of the car but in Everett they looked at it for free and told me what the problem (source of sound) was. However you need to help them to find the problem by describing well otherwise they may not realize the problem accurately. Anyway, I recommend this place.


When I called, these guys offered to fit me in on the spot to change out a headlight bulb (which on my Mazda 626 is hard to get to on the driver's side, requiring a lot of light and moving the coolant reservoir out of the way) for $15, including the bulb (which itself costs $10 in stores). Worth it!They took a look right away and established that the bulb had just become unplugged. They charged me nothing for their time, and refused to accept a tip. While I can't say I look forward to whatever next auto repair I'll need, I do look forward to bringing them my business.


The guys in here are amazing and the front desk help was outstanding. I bought an older 1990 car recently, had them check it out and do an oil change. Due to other yelp reviews I felt confident that they were being honest. I wound up getting something fixed on it that was $400. I've been to Jiffy Lube many times where they did not put the oil cap back on or did not screw it on tight enough, I can't imagine this ever happening at Everett Street.I used my AAA discount which was nice.


My car was upset about something so I took to yelp to help me find who I should take it to.The five star reviews swayed me and I called them up. They took it the next day and had it fixed by the time I wandered around Powell's and saw a movie. All in all, I was really happy with this place. I just hope my 99 Escort wagon doesn't like it so much that it tries to get back there too soon.


My car's brake light suddenly came on....8 months ago. I kept driving around, watching the people on the street grabbing their ears in pain every time my car came to a screeching (literally) halt. As time wore on, and so did my brakes, I noticed how I would have to start braking a minimum of 3 minutes before I actually wanted to come to a complete stop. I knew it was time to go to a mechanic. Just like Meatloaf once sang, "I would do anything for love (of my car) but I won't do that" only this time, I had to. I consulted my Yeeps, and found this place. Still skeptical, I called up, and got price quotes from a few other places. This place was slightly higher on the brake fix, but had a deal for an oil change, so I figured I should go ahead and just go with them. I liked that they were willing to not only take me the same day, but turn it around the same day as well. They also didn't try to sell me on unnecessary things, or take advantage of the fact that I was a seemingly unknowing woman. They also topped off the fluids, made sure my tires were the correct psi, and fixed my passenger door which had somehow become unhinged.....for free. My car is still the world's biggest piece of crap, but it definitely runs so much nicer. Hey, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig.


Ok, so I may not look like much but I know about cars. (ok, I don't, but I know people that know about cars). That means you will NOT take me to the cleaners when I bring my car in for some unrecognizable problem. THESE GUYS ROCK. They are super close to the chinatown max station, so you can drop off the ride and take public transportation. (yes, I know that pdx is easy to get around sans vehicle, but there are some places the max just doesn't go!)They won't talk to you like you have the IQ of a tomato and they'll explain whats up. The pricing is great and they'll even call you with the problems once they find them. That way you can approve the price (or not) and no time is wasted.