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Benz by Axion23, used under CC BY 2.0

Quality. Luxury. Performance. These are the qualities you had in mind when you purchased your Mercedes. Mercedes-Benz is the oldest continuously operating automotive company in the world, and as one of the top luxury automotive brands, it continues to set high standards in automotive excellence. As a Mercedes owner, you must certainly agree with the Mercedes slogan: “The best or nothing.” Trust your vehicle repair to a local mechanic that embraces these qualities of excellence as their own, and will always ensure that your Mercedes keeps running at the high level to which you are accustomed.

Established in Portland, Oregon in 2001, Everett Street Autoworks is a locally owned and operated auto repair facility. We specialize in foreign vehicles (specifically Honda, Audi, BMW, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Kia, Hyundai), and we do excellent work on domestic vehicles as well— anything from oil changes and tune-ups to timing belts and complete engine rebuilds. Everett Street mechanics all hold ASE certifications and are committed to providing every customer with honest, efficient, and friendly service.

Same-day service is always our goal, and we offer a complimentary shuttle service to the downtown Portland area as well. We understand that trust is the most important criteria when choosing an auto repair company, and we pride ourselves on superior customer service and cooperative and informative car care and maintenance. From the moment you walk through the Everett Street Autoworks door, our staff will strive to provide the best service to both you and your vehicle.

We believe in quality work over speed and turnaround times. While we make sure not to waste your time, we also focus on precision, thorough service, and answering all of our customers’ questions. Our mechanics will always strive to exceed your customer service expectations. When you drive away satisfied with the service you and your Mercedes received, we hope that we have created a customer for the life of your car.

Your Mercedes Repair Specialists

When the choice is “The Best or Nothing,” Everett Street Autoworks is your only choice in the Portland Metro Area.
Whether it’s work on your brakes, tires, engine, or fixing major damage, you can trust us with all your auto repair and service needs. Stop by our downtown shop (NW 5th & Everett) or give us a call at 503-221-2411 to schedule an appointment for your next Mercedes repair or maintenance check.

My late model 1992 Mercedes stopped working in downtown Portland at lunch time, stuck at a 15 min meter.  I couldn’t figure out what happened, so in fear I called the local Mercedes Dealership for an emergency tow, but was put on hold numerous times.  After four calling attempts with the dealership, and being put on hold, I had enough of this… I then called Everett Street Auto! They saved me, had my car towed within 20 mins, and they took care of me within my demanding schedule.

Todd P.

Portland, Oregon

These guys really know their stuff. I brought my Mercedes in for some noise under the truck. They inspected it thoroughly and instead of just confirming my guess and quoting me new suspension, they told me the rear was fine and probably could use some rubber bushings. they even showed me. As honest as they get!

Rian H.

SE Portland

I have used Jake’s team at ESA for 10 years. They have done a great job servicing our cars, ML550, Tacoma, Pacifica, ML350. Friendly, fair and knowledgeable!

Bo J

SE Portland


About Everett Street Autoworks

Everett Street Autoworks is one of the best auto repair shops in Portland, Oregon. Whether your vehicle needs routine maintenance such as an oil change or tune-up or repairs for major damage such and a timing belt or transmission repair, our team of certified mechanics provide top-notch service. We’re known for being one of Portland’s most trusted auto mechanics! We now offer professional tire service with Point S!

Many of our customers come downtown from the Pearl, NW Portland, and SE Portland neighborhoods. We offer complimentary shuttle service for those who need it - provided by Lyft. If your auto repair job will take longer than you expected, or longer than we anticipated, let us know - Sometimes we have extra tickets to movies and sporting events to help you pass the time with a smile on your face.