It’s not just important to us to be the best repair shop in Portland with the best customer service! We also strive to be responsible to our community and environment by employing ecologically safe practices. That’s why we are proud to be an Eco-Biz Certified Automotive Repair Business!

Eco-Biz is the certification of certain Oregon Businesses that adhere to guidelines established by pollution experts from the Portland Metro Area and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. These guidelines are geared toward eliminating hazardous chemicals, preventing spills, conserving water, proper recycling, and educating employees and customers about safer environmental practices. Eco-Biz standards exceed industry best practices and legal requirements in order to protect employees, customers, and the environment.

We love Portland. We love Oregon. And we love our ES Autoworks Family. We know that being an Eco-Biz Certified business will help ensure the safety and health of the people and places we love, and see them well into the future. We hope other Portland businesses will continue to join us in following these best practices and protecting our environment.

To learn more about Eco-Biz Certification click here.