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At Everett St. Auto, our top priority is providing customer service that is so consistently excellent that it regularly exceeds your expectations. We know that you have many choices when it comes to auto repair, and we understand that trust and reliability comes not just from the results of the work we do, but the relationship we build with our clients. Our cars are extremely important parts of our busy lives, and we know that you are not just entrusting us with your vehicle, but with that very important part of your life.

Key Aspects of Our Customer Service Philosophy


1. Communication

It is of supreme importance that the customer and the mechanic are on the same page at all stages of the repair process. We are clear and transparent about pricing, time-frame, and other challenges or limitations that may foresee. We are quick to communicate updates and changes, even if the news is about a setback or delay, which can sometimes happen. We are here to answer any questions you may have as best we can, and to keep you as informed about your car’s parts and status as possible. Whenever possible we’ll “show not tell.” We try to show you the repairs we made and the parts we replaced, not just tell you. That way you not only have a better understanding in the moment, but are better able to build an overall knowledge of your car’s history and needs.

2. Customers Are Partners

Just as a doctor has expertise in matters relating to your health, we have expertise in diagnosing and fixing your vehicle. But just as nobody knows your body better than you, nobody knows your car better than you either. It’s important for us to not just tell you what’s wrong and how the repair process will go, but to listen to your experience and concerns as well. Many problems get overlooked because mechanics don’t take the time to listen to those most familiar with the vehicle. We see it as working together with you to get the best results.

3. Keep Costs Down

We understand that quality does not come cheap, but that affordability is crucial, and we work hard to find a balance that works for you and your vehicle. We will always let you know what costs are unavoidable, and in other cases give you a range of possibilities depending on your budget. We will always give our opinion on the best course of action, but we understand that it is your car and there are many factors involved when it comes to doing what is best for you and your vehicle. We will always search for long-term solutions in lieu of quick fixes, and the bottom line is always what is best for the customer. We win either way. We get to do what we love and get paid for it. And meet some great people (and cars) in the process! Can’t beat that.

When it comes to superior customer service, we don’t just say it because it sounds good. We live it. Because we know that is the richest, most sustainable way to do business, as important as the quality of our work.

Everett Street Autoworks • 509 NW Everett Street • Portland, OR 97209

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About Everett Street Autoworks

Established in 2001, Everett Street Autoworks is a locally owned and operated auto repair facility in Portland, Oregon. We work on both foreign and domestic vehicles — anything from oil changes to complete engine rebuilds and has become one of the largest auto repair shops in downtown Portland. Every day, Everett Street Autoworks strives to be the best in Portland car repair with a guarantee of satisfaction. Offering auto repair and maintenance on both foreign and domestic vehicles to customers who live and work in the downtown Portland and close-in areas, the shop prides themselves on same day service. We are proud to be an AAA Approved auto repair facility. Further, our technicians all hold ASE Certifications and have over 200 years of combined experience with backgrounds in both foreign and domestic automotive service.