Environmental Care

EcoBiz Certified Shop | Everett Street Autoworks Everett Street Autoworks is committed to the environment and are honored to be an EcoBiz Certified Shop.

We love our community and we are proud to be one of Portland’s environmentally friendly companies. We are committed to serving our customers while also minimizing our impact on the environment. In order to prevent and minimize solid waste as well as air and water pollution, we participate in a number of acts designed to protect our environment that include:

  • Buying our fluid and lubricants in bulk to minimize plastic waste
  • Use recycled antifreeze when possible
  • Properly recycle vehicle fluids including antifreeze
  • Recycle oil filters, metal from vehicles, paper, and cardboard
  • Donate our waste to HEAT Oregon for lower income families
  • Install energy efficient light bulbs throughout our 10,000 sq. ft. facility
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and degreasers

For more information on the EcoBiz certification, check out EcoBiz.org.

Quality is Our Core

AAA Approved Auto Repair logo | Everett Street Autoworks Everett Street Autoworks is committed to providing quality vehicle repair and maintenance services to those who live and work in the downtown Portland area. Our team members are certified, trained and experienced, and we are proud of our AAA Approval rating.

What does being an Approved Auto Repair facility for AAA mean to our customers?

Find out by visiting this AAA FAQ page.